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Uniform Relocation Act (URA) Houston

If you lived in one of the following apartment complexes and were displaced due to the City of Houston disaster recovery buyout program, you may be owed past-due relocation assistance.

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URA Houston Assistance Information 
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What is URA Assistance?
The Uniform Relocation Act (URA) is a federal law that mandates relocation assistance for tenants being displaced by federally funded buyout programs. Relocation assistance could include money for moving expenses and to supplement the costs of leasing a comparable replacement dwelling. Even if you have already found a new place to live, you may qualify for this assistance. To be eligible to receive the uniform relocation assistance, the tenant must have actually and lawfully occupied the property for at least 90 days before the buyout date.

Who is Potentially Eligible?
Former residents of four apartment complexes bought by the City of Houston’s Housing and Community Development Department with federal disaster recovery grant funding may be eligible for past due moving and relocation assistance. The Texas General Land Office is currently seeking former tenants of Appian Way Apartments, Spring Village Apartments, Biscayne At City View Apartments, and Monticello Square Apartments who were required to leave after the buyout dates listed below:

Monticello Square Apartments
5312 Clarewood Drive, Houston 77081
Buyout date: August 24, 2021

Appian Way Apartments
3200 N. Macgregor Way, Houston 77004
Buyout date: May 5, 2021

Spring Village Apartments
11810 Chimney Rock Road, Houston 77035
Buyout date: June 2, 2021

Biscayne At City View Apartments
17030 Imperial Valley Drive, Houston 77060
17050 Imperial Valley Drive, Houston 77060
Buyout date: Nov. 17, 2021

To be eligible, you must have been a tenant of the property on the buyout date
. The GLO has a team of URA counselors available to answer your questions and help determine if you are owned URA assistance from the Houston HCDD Buyout Program.

For questions or concerns, please visit or contact us:
URA Assistance Program Office
19219 Katy Freeway, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77094

Telephone: 281-925-7155 or 1-844-893-8937 (toll free)  
Fax: 832-582-2580