Short Term Housing

Short Term Housing 

The GLO Hurricane Harvey Short Term Housing mission is a locally led, state supported and federally funded effort to return Texans to their homes and communities as quickly and safely as possible.

The following information is provided for individuals currently enrolled and participating in short term housing programs.

Extension and Sales of FEMA’s Temporary Housing

FEMA's Temporary Housing Units (THU) assistance was set to expire on Feb. 25, 2019, 18 months after the date of the disaster. At the GLO’s request, FEMA has approved two deadline extension of six months each, making the deadline February 25, 2020.

Following the effects of Tropical Storm Imelda, it was determined that one further extension would be needed to help homeowners complete their permanent housing plans.  The GLO is awaiting response from FEMA regarding this additional extension request.

Any extension will be offered in accordance of the local jurisdiction’s permitting. Should a local government entity choose not to participate in the extension, the temporary housing assistance for survivors within their jurisdiction will conclude on Feb. 25, 2020.

Extension of Temporary Housing Program

FEMA will send letters to eligible households (including both MHU/TT and direct lease) to discuss the extension of the temporary housing program. Not all households will be eligible. Eligible households will receive a letter from FEMA including information about the costs related to the extension.

Rent Requirement 

Although the temporary housing program will continue until August 25, 2020, those who remain in the program must pay rent. How is Rent Determined?

  • Rent is determined by FEMA and based on the fair market rate (FMR) of comparable rental properties in the area.
  • Non compliance with the rent or terms and agreement of the license in agreement of the program may result in full rent and penalty fees as determined by FEMA.