Procurement & Contract Guidelines

CDBG-DR Federal Procurement Overview

The Federal Register Notices for CDBG-DR grants require that procurement processes and standards comply with the principles of full and open competition and include an evaluation of the cost or price of the for goods and services funded with grant funds.

State Grantees may:

  • adopt 2 CFR 200.318 through 200.327; or
  • follow the Grantee’s own procurement policies and procedures and establish requirements for procurement policies and procedures for local governments and subrecipients based on full and open competition pursuant to 24 CFR 570.489(g), provided that the procurement requirements include evaluation of the cost or price of the product or service; or
  • adopt 2 CFR 200.317, meaning that the Grantee follows the Grantee’s own procurement policies and procedures and evaluate the cost or price of the product or service, but impose 2 CFR 200.318 through 200.327 on its subgrantees and subrecipients.


The GLO is required to post certain program documents, including the details of all contracts and ongoing procurement policies. To meet this requirement, each grantee must have a separate page dedicated to disaster recovery. Contract listings and other related information can be viewed here:

GLO Procurement Guidelines

GLO follows state procurement policies and procedures, which are supplemented by additional internal procedures:

Except for the CDBG-DR Federal Procurement Overview and GLO-CDR Procurement Guidelines section, the procurement content on this web page is devoted exclusively to providing guidance, resources, and tools to subrecipients to comply with the procurement requirements of 2 CFR 200.318 through 200.327.

Subrecipient Procurement Guidelines

Subrecipients receiving CDBG-DR funding will be required to follow the procurement standards of 2 CFR 200.318 through 200.327 and the contract provisions within Appendix II to Part 200. Procurement standards are Federal Register grant-imposed requirements that are incorporated into all subrecipient agreements. Subrecipients will also be required to update procurement policies and procedures to correspond with these requirements.

Subrecipients and vendors should utilize resources to comply with procurement requirements. This guidance is designed to maximize CDBG-DR resources and avoid common pitfalls of noncompliance with that could result in the recapture of funds and re-procurement. Subrecipients are strongly encouraged to understand the procurement requirements or risk adverse consequences.

HUD Resources

GLO Resources

As a partner in the recovery process, the GLO is committed to providing guidance, technical assistance, training, and additional resources to its subrecipients.

In addition, the GLO continues to conduct informational meetings with subrecipients regarding disaster recovery funds. 


Guidance on e-Bids for Procurement in the COVID-19 Environment
The GLO has issued guidance to existing and future subrecipients on conducting Sealed Bid procurements on an electronic platform. The guidance takes into consideration Governor Abbott's Executive Orders to Mitigate Spread of COVID-19 in Texas.

GLO Training Resources

GLO Training Webpage


Procurement Trainings 


Procurement Overview - Technical Assistance Roadshow (2015/2016 Floods, Hurricane Harvey, and Mitigation as applicable)


Procurement 101 Training Presentation - January 18, 2019 (2015/2016 Floods, Hurricane Harvey, and Mitigation as applicable)


Procurement 201 Training Presentation - July 18, 2019 (2015/2016 Floods, Hurricane Harvey, and Mitigation as applicable)

Sample Forms

Subrecipients may utilize the following templates in their procurement and contracting of grant administrators, engineers, and environmental service providers; however, the templates are intended to be a guide and should be modified to the unique circumstances of each procurement. Please note the use of these sample forms do not guarantee compliance with federal procurement standards.


Scopes of Work


Grant Administrator


HUD Contract Reporting Requirements

The Federal Registers require contract reporting for the GLO and it’s subrecipients. Subrecipients should utilize the CDBG-DR/MIT Contract Reporting Template to provide this information to on a frequency that corresponds with the applicable federal register notice under which funds were awarded.

GLO Required Contract Reports

The GLO subrecipient contracts include various reporting requirements. Submission of reports should occur in accordance with the contract requirements and the Implementation Manual.

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