Housing Guidelines

Housing Guidelines 

The GLO Housing Guidelines provide a blueprint for designing, implementing, and closing a CDBG-DR Housing Program. 

The purpose of these Guidelines is to aid in the long-term recovery efforts to facilitate the replenishment of housing stock lost due to a disaster and to assist in moving eligible homeowners out of harm’s way through fair market value buyouts or acquisitions. Questions regarding these Guidelines or requests for more information should be directed to GLO-CDR.

The GLO has published the following Housing Guidelines 

2018 South Texas Floods and 2019 Disasters State and Regional Housing Guidelines

Hurricane Harvey - Regional Housing Assistance Program Application Totals

Hurricane Harvey - Regional Housing Guidelines and Information:


Central / Golden Crescent Region


Coastal Bend Region


Deep East Texas Region


HGAC-E / Gulf Coast Region


HGAC-W / Lower Colorado Region


South East Texas Region

Hurricane Harvey - GLO implementation of Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP) in the City of Houston 

The GLO will administer the Houston HAP program in accordance with the GLO’s Harvey Housing Guidelines, policies and procedures.  Where feasible, to expedite the assistance to those impacted and still awaiting assistance, the GLO has made concessions to utilize accurate and eligible program documentation collected and generated by the City of Houston Homeowner Assistance Program (HoAP) for applicants transferred to the GLO program.   The applicable program waivers and memos are listed.

Housing Guidelines


Program Waivers and Memorandums

Hurricane Harvey - GLO implementation of Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP) in Harris County (HC)

The GLO has reopened the Homeowner Assistance Program application for households with remaining unmet need from Hurricane Harvey in Harris County.  


Housing Guidelines


Program Waivers

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