Regional Mitigation

Regional Mitigation Program - Council of Governments Method of Distribution (COG MODs) 

Under the Regional Mitigation Program (COG MODs), Councils of Governments (COG) will develop a local Method of Distribution (MOD) allocating CDBG-MIT funds to eligible entities. A regional mitigation approach is vital given that each region is impacted differently and has different hazards and vulnerabilities. These regional investments will work to reduce risk related to hurricanes, tropical storms and depressions, flooding, wind, and other hazards.  

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Program Process: 

  1. COGs will develop a COG MOD through a public process.  
  2. GLO will review and approve respective MODs.  
  3. GLO will make available an application for eligible entities.  
  4. Eligible entities will apply for mitigation projects with the funds they were allocated.  
  5. GLO will review applications for project eligibility.  
  6. GLO will execute a contract between the GLO and the eligible entity implementing the project(s).  

Application Information: 

Entities who have been identified in respective COG MODs and have accepted funds via a Funding Acknowledgement Letter will receive direct notification from the GLO once the final COG MOD has been approved by the GLO. Entities should refer to the notification letter for the specific due date of the application.  

All applications must be completed through the Application Portal.



Participating Councils of Governments


Total Allocation

Alamo Area COG

Approved MOD


Brazos Valley COG

Approved MOD


Capital Area COG
Approved MOD


Coastal Bend COG

Approved MOD


Central Texas COG

Approved MOD


Deep East Texas COG

Approved MOD


Golden Crescent RPC

Approved MOD


Houston-Galveston Area Council

Approved MOD


South East Texas RPC

Approved MOD


Program Grand Total


Approved Regional Mitigation Fund Projects

Approved Regional Mitigation Fund Projects Table

November 2023 Approved Regional Mitigation Fund Projects


Regional Mitigation Program (COG MODs) Supporting Documents

GLO program guidelines and forms for use in the creation of the MODs:

Application Material Resources

If you are unable to open a .pdf file in your browser, download the .pdf file by right-clicking and selecting "Save link as...", then open it with Adobe Acrobat.

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