Hazard Mitigation Plans

Provides funds for the development of FEMA-approved Local Hazard Mitigation Action Plans (LHMAP) and an enhanced State Hazard Mitigation Plan. Development or update of an LHMAP may include studies to enhance a community’s understanding of risk including dam inundation studies, flood studies, and wildfire studies. TDEM and FEMA HMGP eligible entities located within any CDBG-MIT county are eligible.

Regional and State Planning

Provides funding for regional and statewide planning studies and tools that work to reduce risks and impacts of future disasters. The GLO will oversee these funds in partnership with local, state, and federal entities.

Resilient Communities Program

Provides funds for the development, adoption, and implementation of modern and resilient building codes, flood damage prevention ordinances, and local plans. Cities, counties, COGs, and Indian Tribes located in any CDBG-MIT eligible area are eligible to apply.

MIT Funding Planning Study Survey 

The recently completed survey lists the top planning needs received from elected officials representing areas that received a presidential disaster declaration for MIT funding.
Survey Start date: May 2020 Closing date: July 2020

Proposed Planning Study

Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV) Flood Study – A regional flood study, encompassing Hidalgo, Willacy, Cameron, and Starr Counties, will mirror the ongoing Flood Studies within Combined River Basins study. This study will evaluate mitigation and abatement strategies to reduce disaster impacts and increase community resiliency. Flood events and development upstream of HUD Most Impacted and Distressed Areas often contribute to flooding downstream. The studies will consider structural and nonstructural infrastructure improvements, coding and zoning practices, and regional communication and control as each relates to flood control.