Resilient Communities Program

The Resilient Communities Program will fund the development, adoption, and implementation of modern and resilient building codes and flood damage prevention ordinances to ensure that structures built within the community can withstand future hazards. Application intake will begin on June 1, 2022

Coastal Resiliency Program
Provides funds for a combination of green/grey infrastructure, or non-structural CDBG-MIT eligible projects identified in the Texas Coastal Master Plan in Hurricane Harvey HUD MID and State MID areas that increase long-term coastal resiliency.

Homeowner Programs
The Housing Oversubscription Supplemental program provides funds to reconstruct owner-occupied single-family homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey with elevation or storm hardening. Eligible participants will be drawn from the GLO's existing waitlisted eligible Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP) applicants. The Resilient Home Program Provides funds to reconstruct owner-occupied single-family homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey with additional resiliency standards

CDBG-MIT Local Hazard Mitigation Plans Program (LHMPP)
The $25,000,000 Local Hazard Mitigation Plans Program (LHMPP) assists eligible entities through providing grants to develop or update local hazard mitigation plans, or to provide cost share for hazard mitigation planning activities funded through other federal sources.

Mitigation Competitions
Hurricane Harvey State Mitigation Competition Round 1 ($975,704,817.11 total). The competition is open to cities, counties, COGs, state agencies, Indian tribes, port authorities, river authorities, and special purpose districts.

Provides funds for the development of FEMA-approved Local Hazard Mitigation Action Plans (LHMAP) and an enhanced State Hazard Mitigation Plan. Development or update of an LHMAP may include studies to enhance a community’s understanding of risk including dam inundation studies, flood studies, and wildfire studies. TDEM and FEMA HMGP eligible entities located within any CDBG-MIT county are eligible.
Regional Mitigation Program - Council of Governments Method of Distribution (COG MODs)
Under the Regional Mitigation Program (COG MODs), Councils of Governments (COG) impacted by Hurricane Harvey will develop a local Method of Distribution (MOD) allocating CDBG-MIT funds to eligible entities. A regional mitigation approach is vital given that each region is impacted differently and has different hazards and vulnerabilities.