2019 Infrastructure Competition

Infrastructure Competition ($61.43 million) 

The Infrastructure Competition will provide disaster relief, long-term recovery, and restoration of infrastructure for local communities. Each applicant may submit a total of two (2) applications, whether applying as the lone applicant or jointly with another jurisdiction(s). Each application must have a total proposed cost between $250,000 to $1 million. All activities must contribute to the long-term recovery and restoration of housing. The GLO recognizes that as part of a comprehensive long-term recovery program, the repair and enhancements of local infrastructure are crucial components. Infrastructure activities are vital not only for the long-term recovery and restoration of housing but for the long-term recovery and viability of communities. Applications closed on 5:00 pm on August 1, 2022.

2019 Infrastructure Competition Project Awards

Eligible applicants include cities and counties in the following areas:
  • Willacy County
  • Cameron County
  • Chambers County
  • Harris County
  • Hidalgo County
  • Jefferson County
  • Liberty County
  • Montgomery County
  • Orange County
  • San Jacinto County

2019 Disasters HUD Eligible Counties Map

2019 Disasters Scoring Competition Criteria

Infrastructure Competition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Examples of projects include:

  • Flood control and drainage repair and improvements, including the construction or rehabilitation of storm water management system.
  • Restoration of infrastructure
  • Public facilities
  • Buyouts or Acquisition with or without relocation assistance, down payment assistance, housing incentives, and demolition
  • Activities designed to relocate families outside of floodplains
  • Demolition, rehabilitation of publicly or privately owned commercial or industrial buildings, and code enforcement
  • Economic development
  • Public service
  • Planning 

Infrastructure Competition Webinars

April 26: General Application Overview and Storm Tie-back

May 3: Identifying Project Service Area & Documenting Beneficiaries


May 10: Developing the Budget

TIGR Access

Submit TIGR questions and completed forms via email to:

Application Material Resources

For technical assistance email:

Scoring Factors*

What is the Applicant’s total damage per capita?

Up to 25 Points

Does the project meet the low and moderate income (LMI) HUD National Objective?      

Flat 30 Points

What is the cost per person benefiting?

Up to 20 Points

What is the Applicant’s county Social Vulnerability Index (SoVI) score?   

Up to 15 Points

Is the applicant leveraging funds from other source(s)? 

Flat 10 Points

* Depending on demand, no applicant will be awarded for their second application until all successful eligible applicants have been awarded funding at least once.