State Action Plan Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Rita

The 2005 hurricane season was one of the most extreme on record. The Gulf Coast was hit by Hurricane Katrina in August followed by Hurricane Rita that made landfall on the southeast Texas Gulf Coast.  In total, Texas received $503,394,849 in vital CDBG-DR funds to aid in recovery. Since 2011, GLO-CDR has worked to administer CDBG-DR funds providing for long-term recovery projects and housing.

Rebuilding and Long Term Recovery Projects:

  • 285,796 linear feet of road improvements;
  • 76,770 linear feet of dune restoration;
  • 799 linear feet of dike/dam repairs;
  • 609 public facilities had water/sewer lines upgraded;
  • 82 public properties had clearance and/or demolition activities;
  • 30 public properties had debris removal activities; and
  • 4 public facilities were rehabilitated/flood/drainage improvement

1,850,000 individuals served with 731,000 of those low- to moderate-income.

1st Grant


2nd Grant