Resources - Multi-family Housing

Following major disasters, the GLO partners with local communities and developers to rebuild multi-family housing including state-run and locally-administered programs.

In order for a multifamily project to meet the Low- to Moderate-Income (LMI) National Objective, the funds must benefit no less than 51% LMI units and occupants. This may apply to scattered sites of 8 units or more, and all activities using these funds are subject to the Davis Bacon and related acts (DBRA).

The GLO encourages communities to be carefully consider all federal regulations and relevant guidance from HUD and other subject matter experts when developing multi-family programs and/or developments.

Completed projects require annual monitoring. Monitoring will be conducted throughout the affordability period. The results and reviews of monitoring activities ensure the provision of safe, decent, affordable rental housing in compliance with all applicable regulations. Income targets and rents must comply with Affordable Rental Program LURA requirements and other compliance requirements.

The GLO is currently administering Affordable Rental Program. This program provides a total of $250 million for the rehabilitation, reconstruction and new construction of affordable multi-family housing projects in areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The maximum award for any applicant/development is $25 million.

For more resources and tools to build multifamily programs using CDBG-DR funds visit:

For GLO Housing Guidelines, please visit: local-government/hud-requirements-reports/housing-guidelines/index