To date, the GLO is responsible for administering over $9 billion in CDBG-DR funds. In order to properly allocate these funds to housing, infrastructure and economic recovery, the GLO relies on local partners to assist in the prioritization and selection of programs and projects.

The resources provided in this section are intended specifically for our subrecipients and partners that administer CDBG-DR funds in coordination with the GLO. 

Program Resources

Each program administered by the GLO and its subrecipients has specific rules and regulations associated with it. For information regarding how to administer a specific program visit:

CDBG-DR Overview Buyouts & Acquisitions
Public Outreach Materials Multi-family Housing
Infrastructure Planning

Regulatory Resources

CDBG-DR funds must be spent according to federal regulations. For more information regarding major federal regulatory policies followed by the GLO and its subrecipients visit:

Duplication of Benefits Section 3
Procurement & Contracting AFFH
Environmental URA
Labor Standards

Grant Administration Resources

In order to properly administer CDBG-DR funds, the GLO and its subrecipients are required to follow the various HUD regulations and guidance. These regulations apply to the major pillars of grant administration from start-up certifications to grant closeout. For information regarding general grant administration visit: 

Finance Duplication of Benefits
Monitoring & Auditing Closeouts
Reporting Technical Assistance
Beneficiary Documentation