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Grant Administration - Finance

The GLO is financially responsible and accountable for the use of all CDBG-DR funds allocated to the State of Texas including its subrecipients.

In order to receive authorization from HUD to expend any CDBG-DR funds, the GLO is required to certify proficient financial controls. This certification is required through each Federal Register allocating funds. The GLO is required to updates to these certifications as appropriate, but federal regulations allow for prior certifications to be carried over from one allocation to the next. In some cases, the GLO will require similar certifications from subrecipients.

The GLO is responsible for requesting disaster recovery funds from HUD on behalf of the grantees, subrecipients and state procured vendors. The GLO requests funds from HUD after it has reviewed and approved the reimbursement request submissions.

The GLO reimburses grantees, subrecipients and state procured vendors through a draw request payment process. The Land Office reimburses the grantee and subrecipients for eligible program costs, including administrative expenses, project delivery and construction costs. Once the draw request has been processed and approved the Land Office requests payment from HUD through the Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting (DRGR) system.

The GLO has adopted financial controls, processes and procedures to ensure any and all costs associated with the program are reasonable and allowable under federal laws and regulations.

In order to satisfy HUD requirements, the GLO is required to:

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