Hurricane Harvey - Affordable Rental Program

The GLO is administering the Affordable Rental Program using CDBG-DR funds allocated to the state following Hurricane Harvey. This program provides for the rehabilitation, reconstruction and new construction of affordable multifamily housing projects in areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

The GLO has prioritized the following to maximize recovery:

  • Priority 1: Rehabilitation of existing multifamily rental housing developments damaged by Hurricane Harvey
  • Priority 2: Reconstruction of multifamily rental housing units that were destroyed by Hurricane Harvey (reconstruction is defined as complete demolition and rebuilding of a multifamily development)
  • Priority 3: New construction of multifamily rental housing units to replace units that were destroyed by Hurricane Harvey at another location

The GLO released the Request for Applications on July 23 for a 90-day period.

The Affordable Rental Program included:

  • Maximum award: $25 million per development
  • Minimum award: $250,000 per development
  • Eligible applicants: applicants acting individually or as participants in a limited partnership (LP) or limited liability corporation (LLC).

Program Eligibility Criteria

  • Development must meet CDBG-DR eligibility requirements;
  • Development must be located in a CDBG-DR eligible county;
  • A minimum of 51 percent of the units must be restricted for twenty (20) or more years of an affordability period for low- to moderate-income (LMI) individuals earning 80 percent or less of the Area Median Family Income (AMFI) at affordable rents;
  • The affordable rents must comply with HOME Investment Partnership (HOME) Rents and other existing Land Use Restriction Agreement (LURA) restrictions, if applicable;
  • Multifamily rental development is eight or more rental units under common ownership; and
  • Project construction must be completed within 18 months of the effective date of the contract.

**Developments located within the city limits of Houston and/or within Harris County are eligible under similar programs to be administered by those entities in the future.

Note: The application period has now closed.

Please submit all questions via email to, Subject Line: Affordable Rental Program RFA.

Kickoff Meeting Resources

On June 12 - 13, 2019 the GLO Multifamily conducted kickoff meetings for the successful applicants from the $10 million and $250 million rounds of funding under the Affordable Rental Program for Hurricane Harvey.

Documents and resources for applicants can be found on the Resource page here: local-government/resources/multifamily-housing/index



Additional GLO Resources

Conditional Awards

The attached documents in the table below are the 2018 Hurricane Harvey Affordable Rental Application Log by COG region. The log is broken down by COG region and the applications are sorted according to the three tie-breaking criteria as outlined in the Request for Applications (“RFA”). 

The three tie-breakers were: 

  1. Date of Submission;
  2. Number of Threshold Criteria; and
  3. The cost per unit per total grant request. 

Please be aware that a time stamp is not one of the tie-breaking criteria. All applications submitted were counted for the date received not the time received then the other tie-breakers were applied. A requested amount will not be construed as the awarded amount.  All properties that receive a conditional award will go through the underwriting process, environmental clearance, and fair housing review to continue to move forward. Final award amounts could be adjusted. 

Eligible entities from counties affected by Hurricane Harvey were invited to submit long-term recovery project proposals for the available funding. The projects selected represent the first of the applications meeting all program eligibility requirements. The amount of the award includes what was requested and is subject to adjustment pending an underwriting review.  


COG Region

Total Allocation























Additional Awards

In addition to the Affordable Rental Program, the GLO allocated $10,866,400 for rehabilitation and reconstruction of multi-family housing projects in Aransas, Nueces and Refugio Counties. These funds were a result of the first allocation of $57.8 million. Through a Request for Proposals, the GLO has awarded these funds to five developers. These funds will bring 210 LMI units back to the region.

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