The GLO Hurricane Harvey Short Term Housing mission is a locally led, state supported and federally funded effort to return Texans to their homes and communities as quickly and safely as possible.

The following information is provided for individuals currently enrolled and participating in short term housing programs.

Extension and Sales of FEMA’s Temporary Housing

FEMA's Temporary Housing Units (THU) assistance was set to expire on Feb. 25, 2019, 18 months after the date of the disaster. At the GLO’s request, FEMA has approved a deadline extension of six months making the deadline August 25, 2019.

FEMA also approved the GLO’s request for the sales of THU including manufactured housing units (MHU) and travel trailers (TT). Any sales or extension will be offered in accordance of the local jurisdiction’s permitting. Should a local government entity choose not to participate in the extension, the temporary housing assistance for survivors within their jurisdiction will conclude on Feb. 25, 2019.

Sales of FEMA Temporary Housing Units

FEMA will send letters to households that may be eligible to purchase their unit. Only applicants/co-applicants are eligible to purchase units.

FEMA Example Notice of Intent to Purchase Letter

To find out if your county has agreed to participate in the sales program, households may contact FEMA at 855-336-2003Please note some cities within these counties have opted out.


Please note that households not eligible for sales may be eligible for an extension of the program. 

  • Eligible applicants/co-applicants must respond to FEMA’s Notice of Interest (NOI) letter via postal mail, fax, or by giving a signed copy to their recertification caseworker within the period of time stated in the letter.
  • The household will then work with FEMA to determine next steps.
  • Eligible applicants participating in the sales program will continue to be recertified until FEMA determines that sales is a viable Permanent Housing Plan (PHP).

Household may not receive a Notice of Interest Letter due to:

  • THU permitting is not allowed in the local jurisdiction;
  • THU is in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA);
  • PHP is complete or will be completed prior to February 25, 2019; or
  • Household has received a “Notice to Surrender”.

For questions regarding FEMA THU Sales Program, households may contact FEMA at 855-336-2003

Extension of Temporary Housing Program

FEMA will send letters to eligible households (including both MHU/TT and direct lease) to discuss the extension of the temporary housing program. Not all households will be eligible. Eligible households will receive a letter from FEMA including information about the costs related to the extension.

FEMA Example Extension Letter 

Rent Requirement After February 25, 2019

Although the temporary housing program will continue until August 25, 2019, those who remain in the program after February 25, 2019, must pay rent. How is Rent Determined?

  • Rent is based on the fair market rate (FMR) of comparable rental properties in the area.
  • FEMA staff will work with survivors to determine how much rent they can afford based on their incomes and current housing expenses such as mortgage payments on their pre-disaster residence.
  • Survivors who cannot afford the rent can petition for a rent reduction by contacting FEMA.
  • Appeals and supporting documentation regarding rent must be returned to FEMA via postal mail, fax, or by giving the appropriate documentation to their recertification caseworker within the period of time stated in the letter.
  • Rent reduction appeals will not be accepted after Monday, February 25.

Direct Temporary Housing Solutions

Direct Temporary Housing Solutions are FEMA indivual assistance programs that and are locally led, state supported and federally funded Hurricane Harvey program. The programs were implemented with state and local officials determining how to best meet the needs of their communities, with technical assistance from the federal government.

Direct Lease

Households in the Direct Lease program do have the option to take over the rent of that property and should explore doing so as soon as possible. If approved, FEMA will prorate rent costs.

General Questions and Answers

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