Economic Development Study

Economic Development Strategy & Diversification Study

The study brings together nine neighboring counties impacted by Hurricane Harvey to build an inventory of the economic assets and deficiencies within the study area, provide economic development strategies, and develop an action plan for creating a diverse and resilient economic base.

Study Area Counties: Aransas, Bee, Calhoun, Goliad, Jim Wells, Nueces, Refugio, San Patricio, and Victoria

Study Objectives

  1. Expand economic activities in the region, grow jobs, and help residents prosper and remain sustainable throughout future economic downturns.
  2. Engage with regional stakeholders in the realm of economic development throughout the duration of the project.
  3. Evaluate the region’s existing assets, key sectors, potential growth sectors, and the job market and job growth opportunities.
  4. Diversify the local economy and help the region thrive while remaining resilient to large shocks such as major storms and economic downturns.

Community Engagement


The survey welcomes input from everyone in the nine-county area, including: business, government, education, or economic development professionals, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and residents of the nine counties.
Please take the survey:


A summit was held on September 16 and 17 for relevant stakeholders from all nine counties.

Project Timeline

The process involves three primary phases:

Phase I: Research and Inventory Development

January – February 2020

  • Assemble regional economic, demographic, and socioeconomic data.
  • Establish local Steering Committees to meet on ongoing basis.

March – April 2020

  • Broaden outreach by engaging key stakeholders across the region.
  • Release initial survey aimed at assessing local outlook and experience on economic development.
  • Identify and map county and regional assets, challenges, and stakeholders.

Phase II: Create an Economic Development Strategy for the Region

May – July 2020

  • Submit research and inventory development report.

August 2020

  • Generate initial draft recommendations.
  • Release initial survey aimed to obtain feedback on draft goals and draft recommendations.

September 2020

  • Host public summit to provide an overview of the process, review draft goals and objectives, and discuss initial strategies.

Phase III: Action Plan

October – November 2020

  • Release last public survey aimed to obtain feedback on pre-final strategies.
  • Submit economic development strategy.


December 2020 – February 2021

  • Develop and submit an action plan based on strategy.


January - February 2021

  • Obtain public feedback on final strategies and action plan.
  • Submit final Economic Development Strategy & Diversification Study. 

Topic Areas

This study analyzes the intersection of resilience and economic development. We will examine how to make the region’s economy more robust and better able to withstand shocks and stresses. Topic areas include:

  • Major industries and workforce
  • Quality of life amenities
  • Infrastructure and transportation
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Technology

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