2017 Hurricane Harvey

GLO-CDR is the responsible entity for developing the State Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program (CDBG-DR) Action Plan in accordance with HUD guidelines.

The Action Plan identifies the proposed activities for long-term recovery and restoration of housing, infrastructure, planning, and economic development in areas affected by the disaster. Amendments to the action plan are submitted to HUD for approval when the state substantially receives additional funding, reallocates funds, or changes activities.

Action Plans consist of the following components:

    1. Disaster impact and unmet needs
    2. Eligible activities and applicants
    3. Method of Distribution (MOD)

On August 14, 2018, HUD issued its guidance for the administration of an additional $652 million award to the state of Texas to help with the long-term recovery following Hurricane Harvey. The additional award brings the total award of Community Development Block Grant disaster recovery (CDBG-DR) funds to the state of Texas to $5.734 billion.

HUD has released the rules for $4.383 billion in mitigation funding appropriated to Texas by Congress in February of 2018. These funds were allocated to fund mitigation projects to protect communities against future storms through the Community Development Block Grants for Mitigation (CDBG-MIT). The publication of rules in the Federal Register will now enable the Texas General Land Office (GLO) to move forward in drafting and getting approval for a mitigation state action plan, a process expected to take approximately nine months or more to complete.

Understanding the State Action Plan – Each state action plan may have several amendments based on federal changes to allocation amounts and program activities. Once an amendment to an action plan has been approved by HUD, the action plan as amended, becomes the applicable state action plan for reference. Previously versions of the state action plan and amendments are required to be posted per HUD.

The action plans as amended will be listed with the current action plan first.

Hurricane Harvey Action Plans

Round 1: $5.676 Billion

Amendment 7

Amendment 6

Nonsubstantial Amendment 5

Amendment 4

Amendment 3

Amendment 2

Amendment 1

Action Plan


$57.8 Million Allocation - FULLY AWARDED


Regional Methods of Distribution for $5.024 Billion Allocation

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