Hurricane Harvey - Harris County

Harris County - Direct Allocation

Harris County will receive a direct allocation of $1.115 billion from the State’s allocation of $5.024 billion at the direction of HUD. Harris County has elected to develop its own local recovery programs with the exception of the State’s economic revitalization program.

Harris County developed a local action plan for submission to the GLO for review. Following the review, the GLO incorporated the local action plan, along with the City of Houston's local action plan into an amendment to the state action plan. The amendment is currently pending HUD approval.

Harris County local programs and requirements will be outlined in future State Supplemental Action Plan amendments.


For more information about this allocation, visit:

Draft Supplemental Action Plan

Hurricane Harvey State Action Plan - Amendment 1


Harris County contact information:



Phone Number: 832-927-4961

Harris County Buyout Program

In addition to the direct allocation, Harris County received an allocation of $43.4 million for the Harris County Buyout Program through the initial HUD allocation of $57.8 million in CDBG-DR funds for Hurricane Harvey. This program will be administered by the Harris County Flood Control District.

For questions about this program, including eligibility criteria, grant application status, the buyout process, and relocation assistance, call the Home Buyout Hotline at 713-684-4020 or 713-684-4035, or visit:

Harris County Buyout Program

Harris County Homeowner Assistance Program

The Harris County Homeowner Assistance Program (HCHAP) will rehabilitate and reconstruct owner-occupied single-family homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Harris County will develop local housing programs, and will be responsible for the implementation of each program.

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